About Us

Established in the year 2004, The Houseware Association of Turkey, - henceforth known as ZUCDER-, is the most dynamic representative of the Turkish House and Giftware realms. Subsuming in its structure 456 companies who are among the most prominent and distinguisheds establishments of the porcelain, ceramics, plastic, stainles steel, electrical and non-electrical house and kitchen appliances and giftware domains, ZUCDER  is also the sole voice of the importers, exporters, wholesalers and retailers of the reallm.

Out of 456 member, 330 are manufacturers, 180 importers as 22 are both producers and retailers. 19 members constituting our Board of Administration are the presidents or vice presidents of the leading establishments of their relevant domains.

            When examined in terms of its potential,  ZUCDER is a Non- Profit Organization of the House and Giftware realm, -which constitutes a respectable portion of the Turkish Economy-.

Protecting and defending the rights and interests of its members as its primary mission, ZUCDER is commited to maximize the success of the house and giftware industry on behalf of its members, promote and develope solidarity among its associates, and play a key role in finding solutions for the vices and conflicts of the realm.

As mentioned above, the most prominent and esteemed producers, importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers and retailers of Turkey’s House and Giftware realm are ZUCDER membersOur manufacturers are not only the most prominent and leading firms of the tableware, kitchenware, cookware, small electrical appliances and giftware realms of Turkey, but as holders of compatible quality certificates issued by well respected global agencies they have also marked their well deserved place in the international market as premier establishments.

Always in close collaboration with the organizers of the domestic Zuchex and Ideal Home exhibitions, - in autumn and spring respectively-, ZUCDER plays a key role in constantly raising the standars of these exhibitions to the expectations of our realm and to those of our members. Besides the above mentioned domestic exhibitions, ZUCDER is also the initiator of the exhibitions in Indonesia and Morocco.

Providing for proper government incentives, as ZUCDER we also encourage our members to participate in the international exhibitions abroad such as Ambiente of Frankfurt, Homi of Milan, IHA of Chicago, Maison Objet of Paris and Manila Fame of Manila in capacity of exhibitors. Furthermore, ZUCDER also organizes commercial assemblies consisting of our members who visits these exhibitions in order to establish new business relations.

In order to attract visitors or exhibitors from the Turkish Housewares realm, the organizers of the newly established foreign expos invite a number of ZUCDER staff to the newly organized event as their guests so the ZUCDER staff can examine and analyze the market and see the potential of it for the Housewares world of Turkey. Once we are satisfied with our observations, as ZUCDER  we promote the event to our members and encourage them to participate in the next editions in capacity of exhibitors or visitors.